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Art Appreciation     

Meets 1st Tuesday 2-3.30pm
Venue Victoria Hall, Castleberg Room - map
Details This is a group for lovers of Art. No qualifications necessary, just enthusiasm and a love of the subject. We welcome short presentations by members of the group and lively discussion is encouraged. We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 2.00pm, usually in the Castleberg Room at Victoria Hall. During Covid, we are keeping in touch by Zoom, mostly meeting on Tuesday afternoons. All are welcome.

Badminton and Table Tennis     

Meets Every Friday B 10-11, TT 11-12
Venue Langcliffe Village Hall
Contact 01729 268673
Details Badminton 10-11 and table tennis 11-12 weekly on Fridays at Langcliffe Institute throughout the year. You can do one or both activities and each session costs £1. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t played for years. Come and join us and you will soon improve and you will have a lot of fun whilst playing. There are spare table tennis bats to borrow but if you need a badminton racquet or other information, please phone leader Kath on 01729 268673.

Ballroom Dancing     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets March 5th, 12th and 26th
Venue Victoria Hall, Main Hall - map
Details This group is lead by Stephanie Phillip, a qualified ballroom dance tutor. We are running 3 taster sessions to gauge interest

Bible Study Group     

Contact Jeff Taylor
Details This group will be lead by Jeff Taylor When it is appropriate I will be inviting members to join a Bible study group. This will be interdenominational, and will enable people to share their experiences and thoughts in a friendly atmosphere. To begin with each person will be given a copy of John's gospel in order to go through it, each of us reading from the same version. My personal background is evangelical and we are members of Clapham Evangelical Church. I am an associate evangelist with Outreach UK. The object of the group is to be blessed and encouraged by drawing closer to the Lord. The group will be open to everyone, those with a strong faith and those with just a curiosity. Details to follow when Lockdown restrictions ease.


Meets Monthly outdoor and indoor meetings.
Venue Other
Contact Les Chandler Tel. 07802 543676
Details The aim of the group is to provide members, whatever their level of birding expertise, with the opportunity to: 1. enjoy the experience of looking for, and at, birds in the wild; 2. understand how different bird species live; and 3. develop their skills in identifying individual bird species.

Book Group     

Meets 3rd Monday; 2-3.30pm
Venue Members Homes
Contact 01729 822524
Details Leader: Jackie Allott: We are an informal group meeting where we take it in turns to choose a book for general discussion. This means a chance to read a wide range of books which may not normally be on our own agenda. There are plenty of opportunities to talk and to listen. The group is limited to about twelve members as it meets in members homes usually. If this limit is exceeded, the possibility of forming a second group will be explored.


Meets Every Thursday at 10.30am at the Golden Lion
Venue Other
Contact 01729 823843
Details Leaders: Frank Rhodes and John Parry: Bridge for all levels. If interested in learning and/or playing bridge ring John Parry on 01729 823843

Card Making Am And Pm     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 3rd Thursday 10-12am and 1-3pm
Venue Leader's home
Details Leader: Wendy Newby: 2 sessions one in morning(10-12am) and one in afternoon(1-3pm). Max 8 members at each session. Each month we make at least two cards using a wide range of techniques and materials (which are supplied for a small charge). The leader provides any specialist tools and equipment required. A basic crafting tool kit of scissors, craft knife and mat, metal rulers etc is useful but not essential.

Circle Dancing     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 2nd and 4th Friday 10.30-11.30am
Venue Victoria Hall, Main Hall - map
Contact 01729 822781
Details Leader: Joan Hedley and Joan Myers:

Creative Writing     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 2nd Thursdays 2 - 4 pm
Venue Friends Meeting House
Contact Jean Stevens
Details This group is led by Jean Stevens. This is a course for all writers or would-be writers, and members will be encouraged to develop their own areas of interest in a supportive group. Exercises, suggestions and homework will be geared to individual needs and there will be plenty of fun, inspiration, discussion and feedback. Suitable for both experienced writers and beginners. All that participants are asked to bring are pens, paper and an open mind. We meet in the afternoon on the second Thursday in every month 2.30 to 4.30 pm. At the moment we are meeting on occasional Wednesday afternoons for our ‘out of term’ sessions. Our technical support is a member of the group – Marian McNichol – who is willing to continue when we begin the courses again. During normal times, we meet in the Quaker meeting house but at the moment we are zooming.

Crime novel book group     

Meets First Friday in the Month 3 - 4.30 pm
Venue Leader's home
Contact Sue Bennedik 268548
Details Reading a selection of crime novels. This year a number of our books will be 'historical' crime novels.


Meets 3rd Monday 2-3.30pm
Venue Victoria Hall, Main Hall - map
Contact 01729 822579
Details Leader: Marjorie Walker: To all you wanna be dancers, my name is Marjorie. I have danced all my life and taught for more years than I care to remember. At present I teach adult ballet. I believe everyone has the right to dance to their ability. These classes will be friendly, relaxed and the art of dance will be taught with, hopefully, some fun. So please come along.

Dance Exercise     

  We regret that this group is full:
Details Leader: Janet Rougvie: Is it dance? Is it exercise? Is it what we'd all secretly love to try when we watch Strictly and Craig says "fabulous hips darling!"? It's all three!!! This group aims to enjoy the pure joy of Latin music and Latin dance moves, adapted an exercise class format. Ideal for those who already love exercising to great music - but beginners, non-dancers, and those with two left feet are particularly welcome. Just bring a bottle of water, your sense of adventure and a willingness to have a go. Well work on some basic steps from the likes of salsa, merengue, bachata, cha cha cha.....then add some style as we go, and turn it into some fun dance exercise routines. There may even be a bit of tango or Charleston thrown in. You will always take it at your own pace so no pressure. You can either aim for your own personal calorie burn....or just enjoy the fun of dancing like we do when no-one's watching (safe in the knowledge that everyone else will be doing the same!)

Enjoy Baking Again     

Meets Monday
Venue Friends Meeting House
Details A new group hosted by Felicity Hey and Anne Webster To be held on the second Monday of the month - at 2.00 pm – 3.30 pm at the Friends Meeting House commencing 14 September 2020 Our aim is to share new ideas and techniques with a monthly theme such as: cakes, savouries, biscuits, regional, seasonal specialities and yeast goods. Numbers will have to be limited to 12, and therefore will be on a first come first serve basis. This group is open to all members of settle U3A. This is not ‘Bake Off’ but just an informal opportunity to bake at home and sample and share with the group over a cup of tea. For further information please contact: Felicity (01539 583 473) or Anne (01729 824 844)


Meets Every Monday 10.30-11.30am
Venue Victoria Hall, Main Hall - map
Contact Debi Burridge 01729 825855
Details No Lycra, no star jumps, no floor work, no age or ability limits! A lot of the exercises are chair-based, gentle but thorough, set to a wide range of music. Some standing work is included but is not obligatory and can be adapted. The aim is to develop and maintain good posture, flexibility and the functional mobility required for a healthy, independent lifestyle.

Family History     

Meets 4th Friday 10.30am-12.30pm
Venue Friends Meeting House
Details Leader: Eileen Bamford: For all who are interested in family history, from beginners to the more experienced. The programme will combine work on specific topics, in plenary sessions and in small groups, give opportunities to bring individual queries and to organise visits to relevant libraries, record offices etc. This is not so much a course, more a discussion and development group, with shared help and encouragement.


Meets Every Monday 10.00 - 11.30am
Venue Victoria Hall, Castleberg Room - map
Contact 01729 825972
Details Leader: Colin Coleman: This is a very friendly group, whose members all have some previous knowledge of French. We use a range of printed and recorded texts, including literature, poetry, song and journalism with a particular emphasis on members' own experience, to improve our spoken language and understanding of France and the French. All are encouraged to be both teacher and learner and not to worry about making mistakes.We shall consider zooming from September if we cannot find a suitable venue.

Garden Visit Group     

Meets Monthly as planned
Details Visits to gardens open to the public, probably once a month and the day would depend on what is available This would entail members using their own transport. They may be prepared to offer lifts, depending on any Covid19 restrictions. The Group only started last year and plans were badly affected by the virus but we did manage a visit to Holehird and one to Harlow Carr


Meets 3rd Tuesday 2.30-4.0pm
Venue Victoria Hall, Main Hall - map
Contact 01729 822311
Details Leader: Keith Waterson: First meeting is on Tuesday 17th September at 2.30pm. As you travel around this green and pleasant land, have you ever wondered why that hill is smooth and rounded, that one is stepped, another jagged? Even why there are hills in that direction and a valley or plane in another? Why are different agricultural practices being followed as you move from one area to another or why is a village located where it is or why does that plant grow there and not there? The answer is often GEOLOGY. In this group and we will try to unravel some of these mysteries and get a few insights into the ideas behind this fascinating topic. Some meetings are talks on other occasion we go out on field trips - some of these may take the full day if we are travelling further afield.

German (conversation)     

Meets 2nd and 4th Wednesday 10.30-12.00 am
Venue Victoria Hall, Castleberg Room - map
Contact 01729 840697
Details Leader: Sheila Goodall: We aim to spend as much time as possible in conversation, with the emphasis on communicating in German so that you can be understood. Getting your message across takes priority over being word perfect. Topics are wide ranging, from discussion of personal interests and experiences, local events or travel to discussions based on magazine articles covering a wide range of subjects which we read together during our sessions. There is no formal programme and group members are encouraged to propose topics or contribute articles for discussion This group is not suitable for beginners.

Great Lives     

Meets 3rd Wednesday 11am-12.15pm
Venue Other
Contact 01729 825786
Details Leader: John Jebson: The group allows members to present a summary of the life and times of a subject of their choice followed by a group discussion on the presentation.Lives may be current or historical and from any field of human achievement. Participants are guaranteed to learn something new!!

Group Leaders     


Line Dancing     

Meets 1st, 3rd, 4th & 5th Thursdays 10.00-12am
Venue Victoria Hall, Main Hall - map
Details Leaders: Eileen Bamford, Janet Wood and Jill Craig: Line Dancing for all levels, from beginners to those who have been dancing for some time. Fun exercise for body and mind.

Lunch Group     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 3rd Friday 12.30pm
Venue Other
Contact 01729 840319
Details Leader: Anne Webster: This group is for anyone who wants to have the occasional lunch out. It may happen on other days. Transport is usually available. The group is kept small and venues are not expensive.


Meets 1st and 3rd Wednesday 10am-12 noon
Venue St John's church large meeting room
Contact 01729 825483
Details Leader: Ian Tennant: The group is intended to be a self-help group whether working independently or on a theme.First meeting of Autumn Term 2019 - 4 September.


Meets 1st and 3rd Thursday 2-3.30pm
Venue Friends Meeting House
Contact 01524272754/07738291734
Details Leader: Keith Hyde & Colin Scales: We are reading extracts from the John Cottingham anthology "Western Philosophy" (2nd Edn.) Our meetings take the form of a brief introduction to the chapter we have read followed by an informal discussion which can be wide ranging and not always "on topic"! None of the group members would claim to be an "expert" - we simply enjoy exploring new ideas together - and new members are always welcome.


Meets Starting in January 2020
Venue Victoria Hall, Main Hall - map
Contact Ann Sheridan
Details A new group starting on 13th January 2020. It will run every 2nd Monday Making the most of your Photos Group details Taking pictures has never been easier, but few people realise how powerful free or very cheap photo-editing applications are. The group will explore a traditional approach to photography looking at compositional techniques, we’ll also examine technical stuff like the roles of aperture, ISO and shutter speed. Once you’ve taken your pictures, whether you’ve taken them on a smartphone or a digital SLR or mirrorless camera we’ll look at how to use image editing programmes on tablets or PCs to show how you can make the most of your pictures.

Play Reading     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 3rd Tuesday 1.45pm-3.45pm October 2019 - June 20
Venue Friends Meeting House
Contact 01729 822524
Details Leader: Jackie Allott: The idea is to try a new area of reading, perhaps also enjoy our untapped talents for drama and expression. Do not let the latter put you off though, as advice suggests we focus on the words of the play and just read the lines get lost in the story and what comes out of that is the point and the fun! Members of the Group will, hopefully, take turns in deciding the play and direct for the monthly meeting. Other members just turn up on the day with no homework in between (unless you are keen to do your own research). Think of your wish list of plays you would like to share with others even film scripts a way down the line, maybe. I will help organise/lead, as required.

Poetry Appreciation     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 4th Thursdays 2 - 3.30 pm
Venue Friends Meeting House
Contact Jean Stevens
Details Leader: Jean Stevens: In a relaxed atmosphere, we read a wide variety of poems leading to group discussion which always proves lively and thought-provoking and often suggests further topics of interest. It doesn't matter how much or how little you know about poetry - in fact, the more variety the better.


Meets 1st and 3rd Fridays 10.30am-12 noon
Venue Victoria Hall, Castleberg Room - map
Contact 01524251868
Details Leader: Lizz Cook: Continuing from previous sessions. New members are always welcome with any size of recorder. We are working on longer and more complicated pieces, usually in three or four parts, from a wide variety of genres.


Meets 2nd Monday 1.30-3.30pm
Venue Victoria Hall, Castleberg Room - map
Contact 015242 51816
Details Leader: Brenda Pearce: Playing Scrabble with the emphasis being on enjoyment rather than achievement. We are always ready to welcome new members to the group.

Singing for Pleasure     

Meets Every Tuesday 10-00 on Zoom US
Venue Friends Meeting House
Contact 01729 825107
Details Leader: Catherine Holland: The group sings a wide variety of songs from the ones we learnt at school, to recent ones from the musicals and various artists. It is a very informal group and the meetings are based on people enjoying their singing and finding pleasure in attending the session As of the 7th April 2020 meetings will be held on Zoom

Sociology and Current Issues     

Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesday 10.30am -12 noon
Venue Victoria Hall, Castleberg Room - map
Contact 07812986928
Details Leader: Jennifer Warner: What is Sociology? Sociology is an exciting subject that analyses and tries to explain important matters in our society. It is something that everyone can relate to. We will be discussing issues like racial and gender identity, family, deviant behaviour, crime, poverty, prejudice and discrimination. You will need to come with an open mind as we will be looking at issues from varying perspectives.Normally we meet in the Castleberg Room, but we shall zoom in September if we cannot find a suitable venue.

Spanish Conversation     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 2nd+ 4th Weds Sept-July 2019-20
Venue Victoria Hall, Scalber Room - map
Contact Maggie Pedder
Details Using Sueños, starting with Unidad 6 Emphasis on communication.

Spanish Inter Conversation     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesday mornings
Venue Leader's home
Contact Tamsin Candeland 825760
Details Spanish Intermediate Conversation is not for beginners. A great opportunity to progress your language skills with Tamsin's help. The focus of the group will be general conversation, news items, magazine articles and short stories.


Meets Wednesday mornings
Venue Other
Contact Kath Mason
Details This group will run every Wednesday 09.45-11.30am whenever the pool is open. Starting February 5th Venue Settle Area Swimming Pool


Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesday 2-3.45pm
Venue Victoria Hall, Castleberg Room - map
Contact 01729 823407
Details Leader: Helen Thwaite and co-leader Cate Holland. Starting 24th September 2019 2.00pm - 3.45 pm None of us are experts! We learn from resources on the internet and from each other and have fun playing together. If you want to sample a session before deciding if you want to join feel free to come along to one; you will be made welcome. Beginners must be prepared to use the internet also (lots of free lessons online) and/or self teaching books to learn the basics.


Meets 1st and 3rd Thursday and 2nd and 4th Tuesday
Venue Settle Rugby Club Car Park
Contact 01729 830299
Details Leaders: Jean and David Hall. The Group has two levels of walk, the Tuesday walks average between 4 and 6 miles and are usually fairly easy. Thursday walks, which average about 8 miles, are more challenging. Both groups meet at the Settle Rugby Club Car Park at 9.30 a.m. unless otherwise stated on the programme. New members are always welcome. Details of walks are on the website. See the groups page on the web site for the programme or copies are available from TIC and Settle Library.


Meets Once a month, either Saturday or Sunday
Contact Chris Benn 01729 824880
Details We would like this group to be welcoming and friendly with a mix of themed discussions, out-door time and probably some cafe time. We dont want to duplicate anything already happening in Settle District U3A. The unique element is getting together at the weekend,usually once a month and having an enjoyable and interesting low-cost time. The agenda to be suggested and agreed by the membership. There will be some challenges caused by Covid 19. In previous years we have had outings, discussions and investigated various local 'coffee' venues, including garden centres but the future is yours to decide.

Wine Appreciation     

Meets 3rd Wednesday evening
Venue Members Homes
Contact Anne Webster 824844
Details An informal group that meets once a month in members' houses to appreciate a variety of different wines.

Zoom Leaders     

Venue Leader's home
Details This group is for our zooming group leaders and their facilitators. We have all acquired new skills and developed expertise in a very short space of time but there is probably still more to learn about zoom. This group has been set up to enable our zoomers to ask questions, share top tips and best practice. Every member of this group will be able to contact all other members of this group.