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Active Living     

Meets 1st Friday of month, 10.00-12.00
Contact Ken 792666
Details This Group continues the activities and membership of the previous Burnham-on-Sea Active Living group, w.e.f. 18.3.2019. Meetings, activities and members are unchanged, generally Coffee & biscuits, Chair Exercises, and a Speaker. For the trip to Wells Cathedral Carol Service on 11.12.2019, email Jill on


Meets 4th Tuesdays
Contact Harriet 795258
Details meeting every 4th Tuesday at 10:30, room 4 Community Centre We start by looking at what is to be seen in the night sky during the following month, and then cover a particular subject in more detail Phone 795258 or email for further information. Currently we are using the Phillips Year book to learn what to look for each month.

Barn Dancing     

Meets 2nd, 4th & 5th Thursdays pm
Contact Dave 792371
Details David is our group leader, assisted by his wife Irene & what a fun event to be part of. We meet at 2pm, on the 2nd/4th & 5th Thursday of every month. Why not come along & give it a go - there's always room for 1 or 2 more ​-Sandra

Book 1     

Meets 3rd Tuesday 2-4pm
Contact Anne 793355

Book 3     

Meets Last Thursday pm of each month
Contact Diane 787856
Details Book Club 3 meets in the Community Centre on the last Thursday afternoon of each month. It is quite difficult choosing books for a diverse group of people, but I think we have managed this fairly successfully. I must say that we have had some very lively debates during our two hours of discussions. Diane Cruickshank

Bridge Chess or Eucre     

Contact Sally 07432509695
Details Sally is looking for anyone interested in any of these games, with a view to forming a group.


Meets Wednesdays 2-4pm
Contact Pat 780806

Card Making     

Meets Alternate Wednesdays 2-4pm
Contact Heather 795737


Meets Alternate Thursdays
Contact Terry 792246
Details Our Group is open to all U3A members who have an interest in French films, not necessarily those in other French groups, or who have an understanding of the French language. Most films will have English sub-titles, whilst there may be the occasional that doesn't have any at all (rare), and this fact will be included on the information sent to members a week prior to the screening of the film. Tea, or coffee is provided to add to your enjoyment.

Classical Music 1     

Meets Burnham every 2nd and 4th Monday 2-4pm
Contact Roy 324020
Details This Group is concerned with music appreciation and not performing. We cover a wide range of music from Gregorian Chant and plainsong to the 20th Century but we don't cover 12 note music by such composers as Boulez et al. each member is invited to present a 2 hour programme of his or her personal choice and we have an interval half way with tea and biscuits. Burnham U3A now offers three different listening groups. Group 1 Burnham, every 2nd and 4th Monday - 2-4 pm * Roy West 324020, r.west4 @ Group 2 Mark, every 1st and 3rd Monday - 2-4 pm * Ken Henton 641278, ken.henton @ Group 3 Burnham, every 2nd Friday 2-4 pm * Rod Winfield 789824, rwinfield36 @ Roy West

Classical Music 2     

Meets Mark; every 1st and 3rd Monday - 2-4 pm
Contact Ken 641278
Details I have been interested in classical music since my schooldays and I was fortunate in having an uncle who introduced me to a wide range of different composers. It was all 78 rpm and fibre needles in those days, and looking back one marvels at the patience of music lovers then. You had to buy several heavy shellac records for a Beethoven symphony with breaks in awkward places! Today we rejoice in the CD with enough space to cover all but the longest works, equipment at cheap prices compared with 50 years ago and a remote control to boot! I enjoy listening to music on my own but I like it more in the company of others; and Burnham U3A now offers three different listening groups. Group 1 Burnham, every 2nd and 4th Monday - 2-4 pm * Roy West 324020, r.west4 @ Group 2 Mark, every 1st and 3rd Monday - 2-4 pm * Ken Henton 641278, ken.henton @ Group 3 Burnham, every 2nd Friday 2-4 pm * Rod Winfield 789824, rwinfield36 @ Some members take their turn at choosing music and putting together a programme while others just sit back and enjoy it. Everyone has found their knowledge of music enlarged and their appreciation deepened. Group 4? We are thinking about setting up a fourth group to cater for the many who might enjoy lighter fare popular classics, film music, Gilbert & Sullivan, musicals, etc. If this idea appeals to you, do get in touch with one of the above for further information. Roderick Winfield

Classical Music 3     

Meets Burnham, every 2nd & 4th Wednesday 2-4 pm
Contact Rod 789824
Details I have been interested in classical music since my schooldays and I was fortunate in having an uncle who introduced me to a wide range of different composers. It was all 78 rpm and fibre needles in those days, and looking back one marvels at the patience of music lovers then. You had to buy several heavy shellac records for a Beethoven symphony with breaks in awkward places! Today we rejoice in the CD with enough space to cover all but the longest works, equipment at cheap prices compared with 50 years ago and a remote control to boot! I enjoy listening to music on my own but I like it more in the company of others; and Burnham U3A now offers three different listening groups. Group 1 Burnham, every 2nd and 4th Monday - 2-4 pm * Roy West 324020, r.west4 @ Group 2 Mark, every 1st and 3rd Monday - 2-4 pm * Ken Henton 641278, ken.henton @ Group 3 Burnham, every 2nd Friday 2-4 pm * Rod Winfield 789824, rwinfield36 @ Some members take their turn at choosing music and putting together a programme while others just sit back and enjoy it. Everyone has found their knowledge of music enlarged and their appreciation deepened. Roderick Winfield

Classical Music 4     

Contact Margaret 07564 444415
Details In 2013 U3A launched its first Music Appreciation Group and there are now three such groups, all of them fully subscribed. Now Margaret Pickard has started Group 4 and invites interest from those who enjoy listening to serious music among like-minded enthusiasts. The music we listen to is mainly ‘Bach to Brahms’, but programmes occasionally contain much earlier music and even modern music.


Meets Thursdays 9.30-11.30am
Contact Brenda 782150
Details At our weekly Coffee Morning you can join up or renew your membership in person, book a Day Trip, Theatre Visit, Gardening Trip or a Holiday. You can take part in our weekly quiz, check the latest notices and information, catch up with your friends or -um- have a cup of coffee! (Or even tea). Brenda organises the Coffee Rota, by which each Group takes turns to serve the refreshments:

Creative Writing     

Meets 1st Friday am
Contact Kim 787022
Details Room 4.

Dancing at the Ritz     

Meets Tuesdays 2.00pm to 4.00pm
Contact Jeannie/Mac 07909 883553
Details Jeannie and Mac were in the Entertainments/Music business for over 35 years and will welcome all U3A members as well as everyone who just wants to come and Dance. Dancing will include Traditional Sequence, some Modern Ballroom, Olde Tyme, Line Dance, in fact a real mix, but something to keep your feet and brain active, all for just £2


Meets 3rd Tuesday am
Contact Celia 787022


Meets Book at Thursday Coffee Mornings 9.30-10.45am
Contact Gerry 783372
Details We run a programme of Coach Trips to places of interest, usually on Wednesdays or Tuesdays. Unless otherwise notified, pickups are as follows: Pepperall Rd. 9:10 am Apex Park 9:15 am Pier Street 9:20 am The Vets (opposite Community Centre) 9:30 am Love Lane bus stop (opposite The Rosewood) 9:35 am

Easy Strolling     

Meets 2nd Saturday 10.30am
Contact Eileen 794289
Details We meet on the second Saturday of the month at Apex Park 10.30am. I would prefer any one interested to contact me at home if interested in joining, as I occasionally change the time and meeting place of the next walk. I always arrange the next walk a month in advance. We use cars when available, for which the driver is paid 10p. per mile, a bus pass, or walk locally. It is a very friendly social group, from 8-14 people, who come when available. We usually stop for a snack, lunch, coffee dependant on the weather, finishing approximately 3.00pm-4.00pm. This group walks for 1-2 miles. The walk is usually flat with no stiles. Eileen Merrett

Easy Walking     

Meets 2nd & 4th Wednesdays am
Contact Sandra 685544
Details This Group is in danger of closing and badly needs a new Leader to take over from Sandra

Embroidery 1     

Meets Friday pm
Contact Lisa 782720
Details Embroidery 1 Joy started the Embroidery Group in 1992, not long after the U3A was started in Burnham. I believe it was the first Group to be started. I started in 1996 when there were 12 members in the Group, and we used to meet in each others houses. I did not know much about cross-stitch which is the primary discipline done in this Group, but soon learned from the other members. Joy was always there to oversee us. When the U3A moved to the Baptist Church, we then had our meetings in the main room there as well, and the Group began to grow. We used to sit in a big circle and we could all chat to each other. Our main project that we did under Joys supervision was the wall-hanging for the Millennium. That is in Room 1 of the Community Centre. It depicts all the Groups that were in existence at the time. Everyone stitched a square for it and I well remember sitting in Joys sitting room working out how to do the lettering around the outside. It took ages to do! Our latest project was a wall-hanging for St Andrews Church for their 700th Anniversary and that now hangs on a door in the Church. We have also had exhibitions at the various Open Days that have been held. All this and many, many pictures, cards and other projects have been stitched by our members and Joy has always been there to offer advice, encouragement and even threads, materials and patterns. She has been a stalwart leader for nearly 25 years and although she will not be our leader, she will still come to our meetings when she can. Thank you Joy for all you have done. We welcome Lisa as our new leader and know that she will do a good job of following Joy. Margaret Budden

Embroidery 2     

Meets Alternate Thursdays 10am-12noon
Contact Heather 795737

Exercise to Music     

Meets Fridays am
Contact Dave 792371

French 2     

Meets Thursdays 10-11am
Contact Colette 238583

French 3     

Meets Tuesdays am
Contact Margaret 787619
Details We are a friendly, lighthearted group of eight people, who all share a love of the French language. One of our aims is to improve our listening and conversational skills, which for some of us, are the most difficult. We no longer use a textbook. We each take it in turns to take the class for one hour - this may be listening to recordings, reading, translating, doing quizzes or crosswords,or even composing short sentences from one word. Although it's not compulsory to take the class, it is a good way of learning, and in time can become great fun. We meet at The Community Centre at 10 am each Tuesday morning and welcome anyone interested in joining us there and for a coffee afterwards.

French 4     

Meets Friday
Contact Robert 02071 834499
Details We learnt our English before we could write and long before we studied grammar. This course aims to prove that this is still the only way to achieve fluency in communication. Since 60% of the French vocabulary is also in the English language and we use so very few words in our day-to-day lives, this is not likely to be an obstacle. We cannot though understand what is said to us a word at a time. The method I have chosen to adopt is learning French in phrases and repeating them over a rolling 20 session tide. So we start building phrases until they become routinely understood and we can use them without great thought. This normally takes about 20 repetitions which, once they become part of the brain's 'muscle' memory, can be dropped off at the rate of three or four a week and new ones added at the same rate - this is the rolling tide. Most phrases can be expressed in many ways and it's important that folks retain any that are correct and that and they know well and that they don't try to supplant them by other ways of saying the same thing. We will stress accurate pronunciation and we will have brief visits to rules of grammar where they aid a significant block of phrases but, for those who find grammar difficult, it is rare that 'incorrect' grammar gets in the way of fluent conversation.

French for Beginners     

Meets Wednesdays 2.30-4.00pm
Contact Gary 783928
Details Some places are available in this Group, which is intended for beginners, and if you haven’t studied French before, we are probably near enough to the start for you to catch up what you have missed. If you want to refresh the French you studied at earlier, perhaps at school, the class will be very suitable. This group uses the two-book course 'Façon de Parler' by Angela Aries and Dominique Debney. Group members will need to buy the Level 1 Course Book, 5th Edition (Hodder Education, ISBN-13:9781444168389 ) The emphasis throughout is on listening, speaking and reading, with little or no written work, and a minimum of formal grammar. Meetings are every Wednesday afternoon except when there is a clash with U3A Day Trips, with a break in the summer. Contact Gary 783928 if you would like to join,


Meets 1st Wednesday pm.
Contact Diane 787856
Details Book Trips at Thursday Coffee Mornings 09.30-11.30am Email:


Meets Book at Thursday Coffee Mornings 9.30-11.30am
Contact Lynn 786012
Details Book Holidays at Thursday Coffee Mornings 9.30-11.30am Email:


Meets Thursday Coffee Mornings 9.30-11.30am
Contact 792618
Details Members of the Information & Welcome group will meet you when you join U3A and introduce you to other members and activities. They will also keep in touch with members who are unwell, so if you hear of another member who would appreciate a card, please contact Rachel. They also maintain a list of useful contacts, especially tradespeople recommended by other members.

Keep Fit     

Meets Thursdays
Contact Rosemary 786054

La table francaise     

Meets Mondays 11-12.00am
Contact Robert 02071 834499

Lace Making     

Meets Alternate Thursdays 10am-12noon
Contact Irene 786055

Luncheon 2     

Meets 2nd Monday
Contact Maria 789230

Luncheon Club     

Meets 3rd Thursday pm
Contact Frank 795974

Mah Jong     

Meets 1st Monday pm
Contact TBA
Details Awaiting new leader.


Meets Thurs Coffee Mornings, 9.30-11.30am
Contact Veronica 773705
Details These are the people who will sign you up as a new member of Burnham U3A and renew subscriptions for existing members. Membership Secretary-Veronica; Assistants- Tony, Barbara, Peggy; Data Processing-Margaret. Email enquiries:

Opera Appreciation     

Meets 1st Friday in the month
Contact Rosalie 256210
Details Email contact:

Painting for Pleasure     

Meets Wednesdays am
Contact Jane 783511
Details In this group you paint what you like, in whatever medium. There is no tuition. Other members are usually prepared to offer advice. It is a friendly group which enjoys a good chat while we work.

Patchwork 1     

Meets Tuesdays pm
Contact Margaret 789540
Details We are a group who do mostly hand pieced patchwork. We do not do machine patchwork at the Community Centre. We are a self-help group with some very knowledgeable members.

Patchwork 2     

Meets 2nd & 4th Weds am
Contact Hillary 784186
Details Patchwork 2 Patchwork2 started in January 2011 with a group of 8, most of whom were beginners. Four of the original members are still with us, but any vacancies have been quickly filled, and we have had no changes for 2 years. We have learnt various forms of patchwork, quilting and appliqué, and our homes are filled with quilts, wallhangings, cushions and bags. We also have an annual challenge between ourselves. Last year we hired a minibus and went to the national quilt show at Malvern, and came back with lots of ideas and "must have" goodies. At present we are all busy making cushions and pin cushions for our "Cushion Tombola" stall at the hospital fete at the end of August. All proceeds to Burnham hospital. We would love to see you there.


Meets Last Friday of the month
Contact Roger 784658

Play Reading     

Contact Rosalie 256210
Details Email contact:


Meets 4th Mon 2pm
Contact Jackie 783630
Details The poetry group meets on the 4th Monday of the month. We are currently exploring a specific theme each month, choosing established poets work to read and enjoy. Some of us also write our own poems which we share with the group. Kim Lewis


Contact Brenda 782150
Details Potential group for learning another new language, contact Brenda,


Meets 4th Monday 2pm & 1st Thursday 2pm
Contact ohbejoyful2003[at]

Scrabble 1     

Meets 3rd Monday pm
Contact Yvonne 782632

Scrabble 2     

Meets 1st Monday pm
Contact Kath 783995

Serendipity Singers     

Meets Mondays 2.30-4.30pm
Contact Brian 07971 164484
Details We hope you will be pleasantly surprised when you find out what we’re planning in this brand-new singing group. There’ll be songs from musicals and shows, pop songs old and new, the occasional classical piece and maybe even an original composition or two. We’ll be singing in parts, but if you don’t know whether you’re a soprano, alto or baritone don’t panic because we’ll experiment together during the first few practices – we don’t do individual auditions! Initially we’ll be working on a Christmas programme: Celebrate Christmas (Wonderful Christmastime, Christmas Is) Christmas Jazz Bethlehem Lullaby (tune: Brahms’ Lullaby from Wiegenslied) Born in Bethlehem (Mary had a Baby, Rise Up Shepherd, What you gonna call your Pretty Little Baby, Go Tell it on the Mountain) A Christmas Singalong Our practices are on Monday afternoons from 2.30pm to 4.30pm in St Andrew's Church Hall, Burnham-on-Sea. You can just come then but it would be helpful to let Brian or Ann know if you would like to be a founder member of the choir: Brian (Musical Director) 07971 164484 Ann (Chairperson) 789001 or email: If you’re not sure whether this is for you, why not come along for a couple of weeks to check us out. The cost will be £2 a week .


Contact Rosalie 256210
Details Rosalie is looking for people to form this group;


Meets 1st & 3rd Mondays, am
Contact Celia 759341
Details Celia Martin has taken over from Maurice Best as he has retired due to ill health. We thank him for all his hard work and wish him well in his retirement. The group needs new members to keep going. Anyone interested in joining please contact Celia Martin on 795341

Somerset Villages 1     


Somerset Villages 2     

Contact Elizabeth 783320
Details U3A Village group 2 are a very friendly Group .They take turns to choose a village, and then visit it, to find about the key features such as the church and interesting houses. Over the last 6 years we have discovered villages and their history of which we knew nothing. For further information please ring Elizabeth Claydon on 783320 ​

Spanish Conversation Beginners     

Meets 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month
Details This group meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, between 2-4pm at the Community Hall. Aim is to inspire confidence in basic communication skills and have some fun along the way. Course could also be called "Survival Spanish for Tourists". The new course started in September and is now full with 10 members. There is a waiting list if anybody would like to add their name. Hasta la vista!


Meets Saturdays (Nov-Apr) 10.15am; or (May-Oct) 1.15pm
Contact Margaret 789540
Details We are a very friendly Group and cater mostly for those who like a gentle walk, not too long and no stiles or difficult terrain. You walk as far or as little as you like as long as you are with someone. But we do have some members of the proper walking Group among our members! We walk in all weathers except extremes.

Supper Club     

Meets The last Wednesday of the month
Contact Chris or Allen 784500
Details Informal get together to share various meals at restaurants and pubs in the local area. We take it in turns to organise a venue and act as convenor for that months' arrangement.

Supper Club 2     

Meets 3rd Thursday in month
Contact Irene 238955
Details The second Supper group is up and running now. We currently have 14 members and are at full capacity . We have visited several local venues, all of which have proved very successful so far. We meet on the third Thursday of every month at 6.30 pm. If there are any more members interested in joining the group, you will be put onto a waiting list! please contact Irene (see directory) Irene Puplett

Table Tennis 1     

Meets Wednesdays 2-4pm
Contact John 787200 or Martin 783012
Details We are a friendly group and would welcome new members. There are two tables which we take turns to play doubles on. The standard is generally good but we would not want this to deter new members. We also have an interval for tea and coffee and a chat. There is plenty of free parking at the Bay Centre. Please contact either John or Martin by phoning the numbers shown above.

Table Tennis 2     

Meets Mondays pm
Contact Thelma 785107

Table Tennis 3     

Meets Fridays 1.45pm to 3.45pm
Contact Jean 784012
Details Table Tennis 3 Our group have enjoyed two recent matches against Cheddar U3A - Home and Away - winning isnt that important, though nice to say we did on both occasions!! We enjoy the social side of this too, for when the matches are over we stop for tea - thanks to all those who brought a plate of delicious food which was much appreciated. The Group is looking to welcome new members so if you havent played for a while (or ages) why not give it a try, you will be very welcome. We meet at the BAY Centre weekly on a Friday 1.45pm to 3.45pm; Group Membership is £5.00 per month. We would also like to encourage other groups in the Burnham to play against each other in the spirit of broadening social contact. Wendy Bowell - Group Leader

Table Tennis 4     

Meets Tuesdays am
Contact Carol 795773

Table Tennis 5     

Meets Alternate Saturdays am
Contact Carol 795773

Table Tennis For Beginners     

Meets 1st & 3rd Saturdays 10.30am
Contact Rachel 792618
Details This group is a 'trainer' for new players to gain some proficiency before moving up to one of the regular Table Tennis groups

The End of the Pier Show     

Meets Tuesdays 2.30pm to 4.30pm
Contact Marilyn 780020
Details The group's aim is to have fun and bring audiences a variety of much loved humour from the past and present. We have quite a bit of experience in the group and will be welcoming visiting professionals on occasion. We will include comic songs, sketches and sing-a-longs, we meet at 2.30pm on Tuesdays at the Community Centre, if you have a hidden talent or would just like to put your toe in the water, contact Group Leader - Marilyn 780020 for more information, or email:


Meets Bookings at Thursday Coffee Mornings 9.30-11.30am
Contact Sue 785722
Details Bookings at Thursday Coffee Mornings 9.30-11.30am Email:

Tuneless Choir     

Meets 2nd Wednesday of the month
Contact Chris 751808
Details Email Well, it looks like this new Group is going to take off with a bang (or should we say ….. a lot of noise?) . We have 20 members so far and the more the merrier. How does a Tuneless Choir work?? The idea is that people get together with others who also think they can’t sing, are tone deaf, can’t hold a note, or actually - really do sound awful in the shower - to belt out a few songs without worrying about what they sound like. Nobody is asked to sing individually. Selected songs will be copied onto CD’s and everybody will have a printed set of lyric sheets to sing from. So, if you fancy backing Tom Jones whilst he sings “Delilah” or helping Paul McCartney out with “Hey Jude”, giving Paul & Simon some assistance with “The Sound of Silence”, or even attempting some Mick moves to “Satisfaction” then come and join us! Not all the music will be pop. Other examples are The 23rd Psalm, Jerusalem, Rule Britannia and Amazing Grace. So, if your singing voice has meant that you’ve always mimed your way through hymns in Church or only sing along to the radio when you’re on your own …… Chris would really like to have you in the group! The plan is to meet once a month, during the day, at the Community Centre. Each session will last an hour. Cost will be £1 per session for room hire plus 50p towards expenses


Meets Mondays 10am-12noon
Contact Terry 01934 61598
Details Terry Smith is Group Leader. For Bookings info please contact Pam on 01278 787495


Meets 10 am most Weds and some Thurs. See programme
Contact 07939939204
Details Leaders Jean Fincken & Chris Preston

Yoga and Meditation     

Meets Tues am 10.30 - 12.00
Contact Laraine 07564 638030
Details One hour of gentle stretching yoga postures to promote flexibility and health, followed by 20 minutes guided relaxation/meditation. All levels of fitness welcome.