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Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month or 2nd Wed.of month
Details This group is dedicated to all aspects of bread making; Sourcing types of flour, looking at yeasts in all its forms, researching recipes and experimenting with baking methods. The sessions will include practical hands on activities: kneading methods, dough proving and oven baking. In addition to discussion there will be hands on bread baking at each session with the opportunity to sample the results of our work with a welcome cup of tea or coffee . New members please contact Marie to check availability of day.


Meets 2nd Wednesday of the month
Details Come and join us in our quest for the distant past of human cultures and events. This is a friendly group looking at early civilisations. Handouts cover all key facts and no prior knowledge is required. Additional research or discussion is totally optional. We will continue after Covid restrictions with Cleopatra & Egyptian discoveries. As the Romans now administer Egypt we will follow Roman history from Romulus to the fall of the Roman Empire.


Meets 4th Thursday
Details We started our January meeting in a larger Hall at Trinity. Unfortunately we continue to have a waiting list which even the larger hall has not solved.


Meets 1st & 3rd Wednesday
Details VARIOUS LOCATIONS We meet Spring-AutumN in and around Plymouth, outdoors wherever possible. New members welcome.


Meets 2nd Monday of the month
Details Meetings will include informal discussions and study sessions, and we hope that each month a member of the group will give a short presentation on a topic of their own particular interest. Subjects planned so far include: the night sky this month, hints and tips on observing, lives of great astronomers, places to visit (further suggestions always welcome!)


Meets Not meeting at present due to Covid 19
Details These are very informal meetings with continuous play and a tutor. It is a very friendly and non-competitive group. There is room for 8 plus 3. The three may join us for tea/coffee, refreshments and observe and take part when there are spaces. Contact Carol if you wish to attend. There is a 50p charge to cover hospitality.


Meets Weekly on a Wednesday
Details I hope you are well and keeping safe. During the current restrictions it is not possible to meet at the Bridge Club. I have suggested that, where possible, groups of 4 meet and play indoors as long as that is still allowed!. There are a couple of examples of this happening. Also 4 of us play a version of Canasta on iPad. The app is entitled "Canasta - online & offline" by Dmitry Karymov. For windows pcs there is also a Canasta game Canasta Palace and one via AOL. There are also various Rummikub games online and Word games - all to keep your brain active!! I also used which has all sorts of games. I don't see us returning to the Bridge Club until well into next year. Keep safe. Kind regards Margaret


Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month


Meets 1st & 3rd Friday
Details This is a great way to have fun whilst you’re exercising. New members always welcome. No previous experience necessary!


Meets 1st Wednesday
Details A lot of laughter ensues when this enthusiastic group meet — mainly at the various crafts they have tried. The group is full at the time of printing due to the limited space in Leaders home.


Meets 2nd Wednesday
Details New members are welcome to this well established group. There is always an interesting but flexible crafting programme


Meets 2nd Wednesday
Details Everyone is welcome to join us for a discussion or to sit and listen to the debate. Just turn up on the day. Topics are very varied. Past subjects for discussion have included “The new Plymouth Coach Station”, “Is Commerce the new religion?” and “Populism”.

Executive Committee Meeting     

Meets 1st Monday of the month
Details The Executive Committee meet every month and any contributions to be included in the agenda can be emailed to Any member may request to attend a meeting. Also anyone who would like to join the committee and contribute to the running of the Plymouth U3A would be most welcome.


Meets 3rd Wednesday
Details This group is the perfect opportunity to discover your family history


Meets 4th Thursday
Details Factual documentaries, from our extensive DVD library, are selected by a different member of the group each month. Handouts are provided by the group leader although people can take their own notes if they prefer. No prior knowledge is necessary. Any research is optional. When Covid restrictions allow we will study a native tribe in the Amazon Rainforest. The next month will be Dubai & a journey from Rome to Naples.


Meets 1st & 3rd Wednesday
Details We are a group with an excellent teacher who attends most of our meetings. She produces varied, amusing, instructive articles and activities which encourage us to attempt expressing our opinions in French, develop our vocabulary and improve our grammar. Our group has now reached the maximum number of 10. A larger number would be impractical both for hosting and for individual participation. However you are welcome to join our waiting list.


Meets 2nd & 4th Friday
Details This Group is for people with a good knowledge of French.


Meets 3rd & 4th Tuesday
Details We are a mixed ability group and enjoy the benefit of an excellent French speaker who helps us . We try to have fun whilst getting to grips with the language. At time of printing this group is full and enquiries about the waiting list can be made to the group leader Lynne. Note: We meet on the Top floor.


Meets 1st and 3rd Wednesday
Details This Group is aimed at people who have some knowledge of French and wish to improve on their conversational expertise in the language.


Meets 4th Tuesday
Details The Group will pursue video projects on location, learning about editing techniques, and adding in special effects like using Green Screen.


Meets 4th Friday
Details During the current restriction the group hasn't been meeting. It may be possible to meet in a group or groups of 6 but this would only be for those with cars as the U3A state no car sharing. Of course there is also the possibility of going by bus depending where we go. Watch this space.


Meets 2nd and 4th Thursday
Details The group is now meeting on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. We are using the BBC publication "Let's Talk German 1" as a study guide.


Meets Last Tuesday of each month until further notice
Details An opportunity for Group Leaders to drop in for an informal social get-together, provide mutual support and to share ideas and information.


Meets as required
Details Sending e-mails, adding an attachment, problems with connecting your printer, problems with PC or MAC? Free help service for U3A members. Here is an offer indeed. In addition to being a member of Plymouth U3A, Phil is an experienced IT person. He has generously offered his time to those who need help with PC problems.


Meets 1st & 3rd Thursday
Details Group full at present. Only recommended for those who already have a fairly good knowledge of the language, as we converse in Italian for one and a half hours!


Meets 1st & 3rd Tuesday


Meets 1st & 3rd Monday
Details Starting in 2016, the Group has just completed the Cambridge Latin Course and is now going to follow the syllabus for the OCR GCSE Latin exam in 2020/1. Studying more advanced grammar, translating verse and prose, writing Latin and exploring further aspects of Roman life, history and culture. Some members will be taking the exam, making that their target, but this is not a requirement of membership, rather an indication of their level of commitment. There are no current plans to launch a second beginners' Group. We welcome new members. A sound knowledge - albeit somewhat rusty! - would be necessary at this stage. Come along and see how you feel. Members pay £2.50 at each meeting to the Proprietary Library for use of their premises and towards refreshments. '


Meets Alternate Tuesdays
Details This is a friendly group of people who are learning to play in consort. An ability to read music reasonably well and some knowledge of recorders is required, along with a commitment to practice regularly. You will need to provide your own recorder and music stand, and be prepared to buy sheet music sometimes. There is no other charge


Meets 3rd Monday
Details We take turns in choosing a book and leading the discussion, though members are under no obligation to lead as there are always plenty of enthusiasts willing to do so! Sometimes we pick a genre like humorous books with everyone bringing along a favourite.  Our discussions range from the literature itself, to issues - social, political, historical etc., raised in the books. Although our group is currently full, we only have a short waiting list. People do leave from time to time and we have been able to welcome four new members during the last twelve months. Please Contact Barbara if you wish to be added to our waiting list. Free parking.


Meets 4th Monday
Details Monthly meetings could be an art DVD and discussion, a members showcase presentation or an external visit to a safari type progressive visit or a trip to a gallery for a specific exhibition.




Details Please Contact Marilyn in the first instance. New members are very welcome and should come along at 1:00pm, also they should be prepared to commit to 6 weeks of regular play In order to learn the rules. We are currently unable to meet because of Covid Restrictions


Meets 1st Monday of the month (Please check calendar)
Details Studies in all things Maritime, whether Military or Civilian, has at least one coach trip per year. A very friendly group joined by one common purpose. (Sister group to Military History)


Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month
Details The group is a friendly one where we discuss topical mathematical questions at any level of Mathematics. This is a new group and we would welcome any members who have any interest in mathematics.


Meets 3rd Wednesday of the month
Details A forum for the study of medieval history. See monthly newsletters for future subjects.


Meets every Tuesday
Details We are still meeting on Tuesdays but the current restrictions mean that we now meet via Zoom.

MEET and MIX     

Meets Cancelled due to Coronavirus
Details This is not a regular group where members are expected to attend every session: - it is a “help yourself” activity where a U3A member can pick any date they want without having to commit themselves to future meetings. Join us if you feel like it on the day—no need to book in advance. We meet in the THEATRE ROYAL in the Bar Lounge on the Ground Floor Lounge Simply turn up with your U3A membership card; buy yourself a cup of tea or coffee at the café counter; then say “Hello” to the host [Susan] and meet other U3A members.


Meets Various
Details What is metal detecting? It is simply finding metal items such as coins, rings, badges etc. buried in the first few inches of earth. The hobby takes you away from your computer into the fresh air, where, with the use of other advanced electronic wizardry, (the metal detector) you can have gentle exercise, enjoy nature and see what your ancestors left behind for you to find. For this hobby you will need to enjoy a reasonable fitness and have available transport.


Meets 2nd Thursday
Details Our group continues to thrive with some 30 members now ‘on the books’ as we move into our third year Most pleasingly, our group seems to attract both sexes in almost equal numbers. Our talks have included presentations on the Battle of Arnhem, Mountbatten’s Flying Boats, Executions for Desertion and Cowardice in WW1, U-Boat ace Gunther Prien and the history of the German armoured vehicle.


Meets 4th Tuesday


Meets 1st Thursday
Details The South West of England is an ancient and compelling landscape, seemingly very natural but in reality much modified by our predecessors. The MUD walks group caters for those with a passion for learning about the history and environment of this truly wonderful area. The legacy of man’s use is everywhere to be seen; from Bronze Age settlements, the quarrying of granite & slate, tinning, excavation of peat & clay, farming and the resources needed such as canals, leats & tramways. Although our primary area of interest is Dartmoor, we also go to many areas of activity in Devon & Cornwall. We walk between 5 and 8 miles to explore various archaeological and industrial sites in the area. Recent visits have included; the Lee Moor tramway, Wheal Emma leat, Ditsworthy Warren House (War Horse), Wheals Jewel & Betsy, Haytor quarries & the granite tramway and Heatree Roundhouse. We have also been further afield to Morewellham Quay, Bodmin quarries, St Austell China Clay Museum and Calborne King Edward Mine Museum. We go fully equipped for walking due to the area’s notorious changeable and unpredictable weather. We take a packed lunch and drinks to sustain us. We can be on the remote open moorland, in woodland or secluded river valleys. The walking is easy or moderate but occasionally strenuous, but is always amazing whatever the weather. Please note that this is not primarily a walking group as there are other such groups within Plymouth U3A. Everyone in the group is encouraged to research and lead walks, but you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy MUD! Walk details are sent out to members of the group a couple of weeks in advance by e-mail.


Meets 2nd Friday
Details We meet on the second Friday of each month at 10.15 for a 10.30 start in the Wolseley Centre main Building at the top of Wolseley Close (Next to the Co-op Building) in a side room to the main hall. We listen to music, usually on dvd and try to improve our knowledge and understanding of all kinds of music. We look at opera, orchestral music, ballet, modern music and also the lives and careers of performers. We often watch interviews given by great artists with examples of their work and occasionally we have a live presentation. We are a very friendly group, not experts by any means, just people who enjoy music. New members are welcome. contact email:


Meets 1st Tuesday
Details We are a small friendly group, who all contribute to our chosen topic and, after some research, will contribute to the following month’s discussions. Over time, our knowledge and understanding of Myths and Legends has expanded and continues to deepen. Recently we have explored Numbers, Days of the Week, the Golden bough, Apples and many other fruit. Currently we are continuing to look at Trees, Fruit and Flowers. Future meetings will concentrate on Saints.

New Members Meeting     

Meets 3rd Monday of the month
Details This meeting is for any member who has recently joined, and is intended to provide an in depth introduction to the Plymouth U3A organisation. Any new member is welcome to attend.


Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month
Details Philology is defined as the study of the development of language as used in literature. We like to think of it more as having fun with language and, while we may be pedants, we can all see the funny side of pedantry. Currently enjoying sessions on Zoom while we wait for the COVID-19 situation to be resolved.


Meets 1st Tuesday of the month
Details We are a small group who meet on the first Tuesday of each month (also camera walks throughout the month in smaller groups), at a time that's best suited to the venue, agreed by group members. Confirmation of which is emailed to members.


Meets 2nd Friday
Details This group enjoy sharing in the reading of play scripts. Everyone has the opportunity to read a part ‘in character’ and new members are very welcome. Accents are an asset and new embers [especially male voices] would be extremely welcome. To date we have read plays by Alan Bennet, Brain Rix and John Dighton. Please contact Jo for more information.


Meets 1st Wednesday of the month
Details We are a small friendly group who enjoy reading and listening to Poems. Recent themes, have been 'Pick a Poet', Islands, Man's Best Friends, Winter Wonders, Rhythm and Blues, and Childhood, with Town and Country and Poets in their Time. New members are Welcome


Meets 1st & 3rd Monday of the month
Details contact Group leader for details


Meets 2nd & 4th Thursday
Details We are a group with very talented quilters, who are more than happy to pass on their skills and knowledge.


Meets 1st Tuesday of the month
Details WE NEED MORE MEMBERS! We are a friendly group with questions to suit everyone., No-one has to be an egghead to join in and we always work in small teams so what not come along and join us and test the grey matter!


Meets Every 1st and 3rd Monday
Details As the name suggests we spend some time relaxing the body, being mindful of the breath and using guided visualisation and meditation. We aim to let go of tension and any worries and calm an over active mind. At the moment the group is small so we are meeting at group leaders home.


Meets 3rd Monday of the month
Details If you like taking part in number games, then Rummikub is your kind of pastime. There is a warm welcome waiting for anyone who would like to join this up and coming group . Come along and tease your brain. The venue is a cafe and some members come along and have lunch beforehand (at 12:30) please feel free to join us.


Meets 1st Wednesday of the month
Details Our programme continues to include presentations on a range of interesting subjects – by members of the group or by visiting experts. We are fortunate that our University connections allow us access to amazing facilities and expertise. We make frequent visits to technology or science based organisations in the area and our programme should appeal to a wide range of interests – you certainly don’t have to be a Geek!


Meets Last Friday of the month
Details We are currently planning a new joint project at our next meeting. Newcomers are welcome. Why not come along for a taster and sit in on one of our meetings. A warm welcome is guaranteed with coffee/tea, wine and light meals available.


Meets 1st & 3rd Friday of the month
Details This group caters for those who already have a degree of command and understanding of the Spanish language.   Personal, local, national and international news continue to play a big part in our group discussions. Impromptu speaking on a given subject has generated lively and interesting discussions.


Meets 1st & 2nd Monday
Details The group is predominantly for members who want to improve their Spanish and are interest in Spain and Spanish culture in general (literature, art, food, wine, etc). This group is full at the time of printing.


Meets 1st + 3rd Thursday (+ 5th where applicable)
Details The sessions are based on the assumption that participants have a basic knowledge of Spanish pronunciation and grammar (genders, articles, verb endings etc) and have a sufficient vocabulary to be able to write/speak simple sentences in the present tense. Please note that things are fairly formal and structured, basically it is a taught course. The emphasis is on developing vocabulary and accurate pronunciation in spoken work, with more of an emphasis on correct grammar in written exercises. We will also be working on expanding our knowledge of other tenses in the coming months! This group currently has no vacancies due to the "Rule of 6", but otherwise would have spaces for anyone wishing to rejuvenate their Spanish, but it is not suitable for complete beginners. Please understand that you need to commit to attending on a regular basis for most of the year - it is not a group you can drop in and out of. However I do recognise that people who learn foreign languages tend to travel, so the summer months tend to be revision sessions for those who are around.


Meets 2nd & 4th Tuesday
Details The course assumes that new participants are complete newcomers to the language; those with some previous knowledge are welcome but please bear in mind the above assumption! Consequently sessions are fairly formal and structured, basically it is a taught course. Please understand that you need to commit to attending on a regular basis for most of the year - it is not a group you can drop in and out of. However I do recognise that people who learn foreign languages tend to travel, so the summer months tend to be revision sessions for those who are around. It is difficult to add new members once the group has been going for a couple of months for obvious reasons. At the moment there are no vacancies due to the restrictions imposed by the "Rule of 6".

STITCH KNIT and NATTER 1& 2     

Meets 1st & 3rd Wednesday
Details Session 1 starts at 11:30 and session 2 starts at 1:00pm. both sessions are led by an experienced Textile teacher.  Learn new skills, bring out hidden talents, complete unfinished projects and discuss ideas in a friendly atmosphere. New members are welcome. 2 sessions


Meets Mondays
Details £3.00 for swimming which includes the cost of 2 hours parking.


Meets 2nd Monday of themonth
Details this group is purely for volunteers to help out with meeting and greeting members


Meets wednesday 18th and 25th March
Details Hi Everyone, As we have an emergency meeting on wednesday this week I have cancelled the drama group for this week and next, and will let you know the outcome of the meeting when the groups can resume.


Meets 3rd Friday of the month
Details UPWORDS is a board game similar to Scrabble. There are several game sets available so please come and give it a try. Note: we meet up in the upstairs Lounge area.


Meets 2nd Friday of the month
Details During the Co-vid restrictions we can no longer meet at the Bridge Club. Several members have accessed games online, some of which can be played with other members online. I am playing Canasta, Rummikub, Work Link, Cribbage, Sudoku, Spider and different games using the website.


Meets various
Details We are a network of friendly volunteers who are willing to be called on from time to time to help with some of the tasks that need doing which contribute to a successful & welcoming U3A branch. More volunteers are always welcome - the more we have, the more we can do to help and the job will never be too big for anybody.


Meets 2nd Wednesday
Details All walks begin at 10.30 and are between 5 & 7 miles avoiding the rougher ground on Dartmoor and the Southwest Coast Path. We stop for coffee and a packed lunch and normally return about 14.30. Directions & car park advice available on request from walk leader


Meets 2nd & 4th Thursday
Details All information about the group can be found on our Plymouth U3A website page ( Full walk details are sent out by email complete with grid reference for car parking. Walks will vary from High Dartmoor to the rolling countryside of the south hams, and to coastal paths in Devon and Cornwall. It is rare that walks do not have hills or mud or otherwise difficult going for at least a small part of the route. Distances vary between 7 and 10 miles with occasional exceptions. We expect walkers to be appropriately dressed for the terrain and weather and this should include boots. We carry our own lunch and drinks. We do not mind one controlled, well behaved dog on a walk however that position is filled (at time of printing). Walk will start Promptly at 10:30. Barry 07772 180132


Meets 1st Tuesday & 3rd Friday
Details Please refer to the Plymouth U3A Website for details on walks. Members walk at their own risk. Walking boots are recommended. All walks are followed by a pub lunch. If weather is poor please contact walk leader to confirm walk will go ahead.


Meets 1st & 3rd Thursday
Details We are now full in this group and have a waiting list. 


Meets 1st Saturday of the month
Details We are currently a group of approximately 20 and each month each have our say about various outings/lunches we think would be of interest to other group members for weekends of that particular month.  Unless booking is required, we agree venues/times etc., at each meeting and any of those who are interested simply turn up on the given day.


Meets 4th Wednesday
Details The object of the group is to observe and share knowledge about all forms of wildlife, and enjoy an outing with like minded folk. Walking boots, rain gear and hiking poles are usually recommended, also a drink and packed lunch. Binoculars will be useful. Distances up to about 4 miles, and up to 4hrs are estimates. Mud and steep slopes may be encountered.


Meets 2nd Thursday
Details Although we have currently 18 members and therefore have a very full group I will help set up another wine group if enough people are interested.


Meets 3rd Tuesday
Details The Leaders' homes are in Peverell and Stoke. At normal meetings we will taste and compare three different wines from around the world. We also occasionally go off piste and hold a party where we all contribute food and wines to go with it, or we visit wineries or even breweries. Due to limited space we can’t accommodate more than 12 people. We are usually full but would welcome newcomers if there are any spaces.


Meets 4th Wednesday
Details contact Group Leader for details


Meets 2nd Monday


Meets 2nd Wednesday
Details To sample and learn about wines from around the world. we now have 7 members.


Meets 1st Tuesday of the month
Details We are a diverse group. We enjoy a mixture of speakers linked to world religions, customs and outreach work and also visit places of interest in the area e.g. the synagogue, the Greek Orthodox and Coptic churches, The Minster, the Ashoka Buddhist Centre and Ford Park Cemetery and Buckfast Abbey. Speakers have included those from Buddhist, Muslim, Bah’ai, Sikh, Christian and Humanist traditions. Our most challenging morning was probably our attempt to master Hindu dance! We have explored outreach activities in Plymouth and in other parts of the world e.g. the Shekinah Mission, the Food Bank and various chaplaincies locally and the street children in India.


Meets 1st Wednesday
Details At each monthly meeting a title/theme/topic is agreed for the next session, when we each read out our prepared piece and get feedback (honest and constructive). We are not a taught group - so no lessons on how to write. A major part of the interest in the group is hearing how others have interpreted an idea, because of this format, our writings tend to be fairly short pieces, so that everyone gets to be heard; “part-works” are possible too, but it is not the place to try out your autobiography or the next novel!