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Tweeddale U3A Groups

Archaeology & Heritage     

Meets Monthly Second Friday
Details If you enjoy morning coffee, lunch and visits to places of interest, then why not join our group on the 3rd Friday in the month. Our members take turns to organise a monthly trip in each of the Spring and Summer months. For this season we chose a theme of places associated with Mary, Queen of Scots. This has included visits to Inchmahome Priory, Craigmillar Castle, Jedburgh and Hermitage Castle. A three day tour of sites in Dumfries and Galloway, including Dundrennan Abbey, is planned for September.

Art Activities     

Meets Tuesday am Fortnighly
Details We meet fortnightly on Tuesdays at 10.30 am. We meet throughout the year, apart from July and August. This is a very informal drawing and painting group for all levels and using any medium. This could be watercolour, acrylic, oils or pastels. Subjects are chosen by the participants.

Art Gallery Visiting Group     

Meets Monthly, 3rd Tuesday
Details We meet fortnightly on Tuesdays at 10.30 am. We meet throughout the year, apart from July and August. This is a very informal drawing and painting group for all levels and using any medium. This could be watercolour, acrylic, oils or pastels. Subjects are chosen by the participants.


Meets Monday p.m. Monthly
Details We meet monthly on a Monday at 2.15 pm Meetings so far have covered a range of topics, including Earth satellites and space probes, the orbits of planets, comets, meteors, types of telescopes, elements in stars and measuring astronomical distances. We have attended some of the public lectures at the Royal Observatory at Blackford Hill, Edinburgh. We are in close contact with the Peebles Astronomy Group. One of our group has a telescope that can be used to view the moon, stars and planets.

Books for All     

Meets Monthly, 3rd or 4th Wednesday evenings
Details We meet on the 3rd or 4th Wednesday of the month. Members bring suggestions and the books are chosen in advance. Previous selections have been fairly eclectic, and include His Bloody Project, Maps for Lost Lovers, the Age of Innocence and This Boy. The group meets throughout the year.

Circle Dance & Singing     

Meets Sunday
Details We meet on the 1st Sunday afternoon each month in St Joseph’s Neighbourhood Centre at 2pm. Come and learn Circle Dances from around the world. The dance steps are simple and repetitive, the music varied and beautiful. The songs are easily learned and simple. No partner or expertise required. We do not meet in August.

Coffee Symposium     

Meets 4th Tuesday of the month
Details This is a social group dedicated to lively conversation and discussion in a convivial setting over a cup of coffee. At the end of each meeting we agree on a general topic as a starting point for the following month's conversation. We meet in the Cademuir Suite at The Park Hotel, Peebles, on the fourth Tuesday of each month, between 10.30 am and 12 noon.

Economic Affairs Group     

Meets First Wednesday of each winter month

Film Group 1     

Meets Monthly, 1st Tuesday
Details We meet in group members' houses on the first Tuesday of each month from October to April. Each film is introduced by a group member and a discussion on questions arising from the film follows the viewing. Films are normally of a serious nature and some have not been on general release.

Film Group 2     

Meets Monthly, last Monday pm
Details We meet on the last Monday of the month at 1.30pm from September to June, except December. Each member takes it in turn to choose the film and host the meeting. We usually have a fairly eclectic choice of films, some more serious than others

Film Group 3     

Meets Monthly, 4th Monday pm
Details We usually meet on the 4th Monday of the month at 2pm from September to March (except December). We watch a DVD of a film recommended by one of the group, followed by a discussion of the main theme, the portrayal of the characters, the setting and how much we enjoyed it.

French for Beginners     

Meets Weekly; Friday mornings
Details We meet on Friday mornings in each other's homes/ Beginners’ French has so far worked on a 10 week block, with a break for the summer. The 3 blocks are from October – Christmas; January – Easter; Easter to the summer. Please contact the facilitator for details of meeting times and venues. Even though most of the group have ‘school French’, we are still treating the class as for beginners.

French Group 2     

Meets Fortnightly sessions on Thursday mornings
Details To be able to confidently communicate in French within a social context.

Future of Europe     

Meets Monthly, last Wednesday am
Details We meet on the last Wednesday of the month at 9.30 am. This group has been running since the autumn of 2005. We meet on the last Wednesday of the month, from August to May. Historically the group has discussed the institutions of Europe, including the European Union (EU) and its policies. However, given the result of the 2016 referendum on UK membership subsequent meetings have focused on the possible outcome(s) of the withdrawal negotiations between the EU and UK. The exit of the UK from the EU (commonly known as Brexit) will have profound effects on our relationships with other European countries and the rest of the world. The individual group members have varied backgrounds and we try to share our knowledge and opinions. Often specific topics will be researched and presented by one individual, with feedback from the rest of the group


Meets Monthly, 3rd Friday pm
Details The group meets on the 3rd Friday of the month from March to October. During peak gardening months we also occasionally visit members' gardens on an ad hoc basis. Members share their love of plants and gardens. We learn from each other about garden design and plants suitable for Peeblesshire gardens. The programme tries to offer variety for members’ shared pleasure, inspiration and education. In February a programme for the season is drawn up from suggestions made by members for visits to local and notable gardens and nurseries further afield. Most visits take place in the afternoon and occasionally we enjoy a full day out but always attempt to return before 5pm. New members are very welcome to this friendly group whether knowledgeable gardeners or not.


Meets Second Monday 2pm
Details We meet on 2nd Monday of each month at 2pm in each other’s homes, This is a new Group (1.19). Initially we plan to receive help and give support to each other in embarking on and continuing with the compiling of our own family histories. Later on, we may look at aspects of social history as identified through our individual searches.3

German conversation     

Meets Fortnightly Monday am


Meets Monthly, 3rd Thursday
Details What does the U3A History group do - and how do we do it? We meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month, apart from December, July and August. The category “history” is defined as more or less any historically relevant topic from 1000 AD onwards. Most of our sessions are talks and occasionally computer presentations, prepared by members of the group. In September we have a planning meeting when we usually fill our calendar with subjects suggested by members. This pre-planning means that each month the entire group can prepare for the chosen topic, and this results in a lively post-presentation discussion. We have great fun, learn a lot, and we all contribute.

International Justice     

Meets Thursday evening monthly

Local History Studies     

Meets Monthly, 2nd Thursday
Details We meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month from September to June. In Tweeddale there is so much history on our doorstep. You don’t have to be an expert in history, local or otherwise. You just have to be prepared to choose a topic, do some research, either on your own or with other members and share your findings. Members might arrange a visit or lead a walk. We have explored Tweeddale by mini bus. We also improved our research skills by a visit and talk at Hawick Heritage Hub.

Lunch Club     

Meets Wednesday Monthly,
Details The group meets on the 2nd or 4th Wednesday of each month. We visit different restaurants in the local area to sample their fare. Dietary needs are catered for. We meet at the chosen venue at 12.30pm. Transport can be arranged. We meet throughout the year including a festive Christmas lunch. This is a popular activity and a good way to meet others and make friends in a pleasant relaxed environment. NB Dates are set to accommodate Walking Group members.

Natural History     

Meets Fortnightly
Details We generally meet fortnightly on Thursday morning or for a whole day. However, in winter we sometimes meet less regularly. The main interest of the group is in bird and plant identification, but recently we have widened our interest to include fungi, butterflies and moths, badgers and bats. In autumn, winter and spring we usually watch birds and during the summer months we look at plants, but also birds and other wildlife. We regularly walk round Peebles, along the Tweed and Manor Valley. Sometimes we venture further afield e.g. to St Abbs Head, Musselburgh Lagoons, Carrifran Forest. We carry books, binoculars and cameras and discuss and learn.

Philosophical Conversations     

Meets Monthly 2nd Wednesday pm
Details This group seeks to find the meaning and significance of current ideas and discourse by referencing philosophers’ ideas and frameworks. We learn by listening and thinking rather than non participative lectures, though short introductions framing questions may be useful. We meet on the second Wednesday of the month at 2.00 pm at the Cross Keys Hotel, Northgate, Peebles.


Meets Monthly, 1st Tuesday pm
Details We meet on the 1st Tuesday afternoon of the month. The aim of this group is to learn, share, gain confidence, satisfy, amuse and enjoy; learning through doing and informal exchange of knowledge and experience. The level of expertise and sophistication of equipment are less important than an open mind and a good eye for a picture. Whether you are a happy snapper or a more serious photographer you are welcome.


Meets Monthly, 3rd Monday pm
Details We meet on the 3rd Monday at the Park Hotel, Peebles, at 2.00pm. The host usually chooses the subject; it may be a general one such as, Love, The Sea, Mountains, or a particular poet may be chosen. Each member brings along their own selection and we read and discuss the poems. Occasionally a member may choose to do a presentation on a particular poet and we look at that poet in some detail. There is always a good discussion and laughter. We never leave without learning something that “makes a difference”.


Meets Monthly, 4th Tuesday pm
Details We meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month in each others’ homes. We read and discuss a variety of modern fiction, including British, American and European authors. Books are suggested by members who then lead the discussion. We meet throughout the year.

Reading for Pleasure     

Meets Monthly, 2nd Monday pm
Details The group meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 2pm from September to May. Each month we read a book which has been chosen and introduced by members in turn. The discussions can be quite lively! Our ‘end of term’ treat is to watch a film of one of the books we have read.

Russian literature     

Meets Monthly, 1st Wednesday pm
Details We meet on the 1st Wednesday afternoon of each month. This book group will focus on Russian literature. The books will be discussed within the historical and political times in which they were written.

Science and Society     

Meets Monthly, 3rd Monday pm
Details We meet on the 3rd Monday of each month. Members of the science and society group discuss the ways in which scientific advances have improved all our lives. The contribution of individual scientists are highlighted and the areas where progress in the future may be are investigated. No science background is required.


Meets Last Friday 2pm; 2nd Monday 7pm
Details We meet on the last Friday afternoon of the month at 2pm in the Cross Keys Hotel (upstairs); and on the 2nd Monday evening of each month in each others’ homes. Whether an experienced player or a beginner, we hope there will be the opportunity to enhance and improve your Scrabble skills. We meet throughout the year.

Short Walks     

Meets Wednesday mornings

Summer Outing 2019     

Meets 9 July
Details Trip to Bo'ness Steam Railway and the Kelpies

Table Tennis     

Meets Thursday
Details We meet weekly on Thursday at 2.30pm in St Joseph’s Centre, Rosetta Road, Peebles. We have fun and get exercise. Equipment is provided. We encourage you to come along and give it a try. The group runs from October through to May.


Meets Weekly, Wednesday
Details There are two levels in the Walking Group. They alternate on Wednesdays meeting at 9.30am in Kingsmeadows Car Park, Peebles. The walks are organised and led by volunteers from the group and the details are circulated by email beforehand. The longer walk locations usually range from the Pentlands, Tweed Valley and Melrose area. Car sharing and post walk lunches are options. There are sometimes also full day excursions and twice-yearly Walkaways for 2-4 nights to places further afield. The Middle Walkers group aims to walk more locally and restrict themselves to 2-4 miles with fewer gradients.There is also a short Walks Sub Group which arranges gentle strolls locally each Wednesday morning followed by a coffee. Details are circulated by email beforehand.