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1950's and 1960's Music Group     

Meets 1st Wednesday each month at 2 pm
Details The aim is to introduce members to artists they may not know and may like to add to their collections. We play CDs, vinyl and cassettes of music from the 1950's eg Frank Sinatra,Ella Fitzgerald, Acker Bilk, Chuck Berry Elvis Presley etc and music from the 1960s eg the Beatles, the Rolling stones, Bo Diddley , the Hollies also Mose Alton and Johnny Hodges


Meets 3rd Wednesday

Book Circle 1     

Meets 2nd Mon 2:00pm

Book Circle 2     

Meets 2nd Mon 2.00pm

Book Circle 3     

Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month 2.00pm

Circle Dancing     

Meets Friday, 2nd & 4th,
Details This group is part of Sevenoaks U3A. Please contact Malling U3A Groups Co-ordinator for more details.

Coffee Morning     

Meets 3rd Thur of the month at 10.30am
Details just a social chat - no fixed topic, just whatever is on peoples minds at the time - informal and friendly and all welcome

Computing - Advanced     

Meets 3rd Monday 10am
Details We welcome newcomers who are competent computer users and who are interested in creating things with computers especially if that involves learning something first. Members host the group in their own homes where there is ready access to a computer & the internet. Each of us expects to give one, occasionally two, presentations in any one year. Please see our page on the Malling web site for this year's list of preferred topics and for notes of past meetings.

Cricket Appreciation     

Meets 2nd Tuesday


Details Cobdown Sports & Social Club

Current Affairs     

Meets 2nd Thurs 2.00 pm
Details We meet in members homes, a different member each month hosts the meeting. Members who wish to can suggest a topic for discussion at the next meeting. A list of topics is circulated before the meeting so people can come prepared.

Discover London     

Meets 2nd Friday each month
Details We meet at a designated place in London usually between 11 and 11.30 on the second Friday each month for a walk usually led by two members of the group. Waistband amplifiers are used which make the sound very good in crowds. We walk until lunchtime, have a quick snack lunch and then usually continue for about another hour. Members can leave the walk at any point, giving notice to the leaders.

Discussion 1     

Meets 3rd Tues 2pm

Discussion 2     

Meets 3rd Tues 2pm

Film Circle     

Meets First meeting October 10th 2019 -2pm
Details The group will meet monthly over the winter months - the films selected will be available when potential members enquire. Cost for the season is £22 which covers the cost of the hall.

French Conversation     

Meets 3rd Monday 2pm

Genealogy - Family History     

Meets 1st Tues 2:00pm
Details The majority of the monthly meetings operate in smaller groups of approximately 8, hosted in member's houses, with research geared to the experience of the members within each of these groups. In addition, during the year we generally have four meetings,as a whole group,at the Ryarsh Village hall, focussing on a topic of common interest to the whole genealogy group.

German Elementary     

Meets 2nd and 4th Mondays at 2 pm

Home Cooked Lunch Club     


Italian Beginners 2     

Meets 2 pm 1st Friday, 10.30 am 4th Monday
Details The 4th Monday morning session runs from 10.30 to 12.30. The first Friday meeting is in the afternoon from 2 - 4 pm.

Italian Extra     

Meets 1st & 3rd Mon 2:00pm

Landscape History     

Meets 1st Thurs & 3rd Fri 2:00pm

Latin for Improvers (Latin 1)     

Meets A Friday - contact convenor
Details this group has been learning from Outon's latin book 2 for over a year and is working towards a basic knowledge of all declensions of nouns and conjugations of verbs. We are also using Cambridge Latin course 3 for translations and classical background

Latin Intermediate (Lagtin 2)     

Meets Usually a Friday
Details Anyone with a familiarity with the declensions and conjugations and a small Latin vocabulary should benefit from attendance. Our group began in 2012 and we have covered most basic grammar. We are currently using Oultons Latin course books 2 and 3 together with cambridge latin course book 4

Lunch Club     

Meets Last Wednesday of the month at 12.30
Details Molly and Rod reccy pubs and restaurants for sensible prices, quality and choice of food and ambiance. The lunch is discussed at the next months meeting and a venue for the next months meeting is agreed . Everyone pays their own bill and therefor can order their own choice of food and spend as much or as little as they like. Member do not have to attend every meeting but need to let the organiser know whether they are coming or not the next month

Mah Jong     

Meets 2nd & 4th Wed 10:00am

Makers Of History 1     

Meets 1st Tues 10:15am

Makers Of History 2     

Meets 4th Mon 2:00pm


Meets 4th Tues at noon
Details Meet at Duke of Wellington pub

Music Appreciation     

Meets 2nd Tues 2:00pm

Old clock restoration     

Meets 1st tuesday of the month
Details 1st meeting in October at group leaders home. This is a practical hands on group whose members bring their own clocks for restoring. The clocks must be pendulum action, ideally 20th century mantle or wall clocks. The group leader has experience in restoring these clocks and will guide members through the dismantling, cleaning and reassembling their clocks. No experience needed but members should have a grasp of mechanical principles








Meets 2nd and 4th Thursdays 10 to noon, March-October
Details Meet at the Duke of Wellington

Reading Poetry For Pleasure 1     

Meets 3rd Mon 10:30am

Reading Poetry For Pleasure 2     

Meets 3rd Mon 10:30am

Rummikub 2     

Meets Alternate Wednesday 2 - 4 pm
Details 177 Norman Road

rummikub 1 -     

Meets alternate wednesdays
Details meets in Julias house - Blacklands Barn - 3 Blacklands - East Malling ME19 6DR


Meets 4th Wed
Details Offham Methodist Church hall or members' houses


Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesday 2 - 4 pm

Social Cycling     

Meets 2nd Thurs 9.45am
Details Country lane rides, around 15 miles with a tea break in the middle. As flat as we can make it. Nothing too strenuous.

Spanish Intermediate     

Meets 2nd & 4th Fri 10:30am

Walk London 1     

Meets 1st Fri

Walking Group     

Meets 3rd Wed 10:00am
Details We are a friendly, informal group that meets on the 3rd Wednesday @ 10.00am. Our walks are from 4 - 6 miles, with a brief stop for drinks. Members of the group take turns to organise and lead the walks.

Wine Appreciation     

Details Beginning December 2017

Writers' Workshop     

Meets 2nd Wed 10:30am